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Fullmoon Song – Devi’s World of Sound


Devi’s World of Sound

Album: Blue Print

Lyrics and Composition by: Devi Reith


Live at Mehrspur Club, ZHdK Zürich, Switzerland


Devi Reith: Vocals & Harmonium
Felix Utzinger: Guitar
Mischa Frey: Up right Bass
Marcio de Sousa: Drums


Great thanks to our Video Team: Sergei Nikokoshev &Vadim Levin

Visuals at the concert: Tomas Kurna

Sound Engeneer: Aron Schmukle

Sound Engeneering after the concert: Felix Utzinger

Backstage support: Jessica Cadau



Lyrics: Fullmoon Soon

Now it is gonna be a fullmoon soon again, again…


Oh fullmoon

When will I be as full as you?

Oh fullmoon

You save the night from its darkest gloom.


Lovers look at you inspired

To me this romance is a satire

Shadows of my desire

Admire you as you rise even higher


Oh, fullmoon

When will I shine like you?

Oh fullmoon

How do you spread your golden hue?


Water flows by your demand

As arms of light marvel distant land

I stand in awe as you ascend

Far beyond my reaching hand


Oh, fullmoon!

Oh, fullmoon!


Oh fullmoon

I can’t deny that it is true

Oh fullmoon

My eyes are green with envy for you!


The world has left me behind

Since your night is truly unkind

You and your beautiful skies

Laid your shackles onto my eyes


Oh, fullmoon!

Oh, fullmoon!


Now it is gonna be a fullmoon soon again, again…