Sunday Solos Series



November edition, this time presenting two outstanding musicians active on the contemporaneous music scene. Dutch Pianist Reinier van Houdt says” My Sunday Solo will be haunted by far too many questions; do we exist? does music exist? what does it mean to exist? why do we exist? what is music? Does it imply listeners? yes!? Does it need musicians? I don’t know…”. Along with him Belgium trumpet player Bart Maris  will give us some more music to think about.

Once again living music in the moment at Attent Project space in the nice Oud Charlois neighborhood !

Entrance : 3 euro
Door: 15:30
Concert: 16:00
Projectruimte Attent
Struitenweg 54, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Reinier van Houdt (NL) – piano

Reinier van Houdt is a musician from Rotterdam operating internationally in solo projects (albums on Hallow Ground, Matière Memoire, Elsewhere, Unsounds), in collaborations with Annea Lockwood, Luc Ferrari, Alvin Lucier and first performances of music by Robert Ashley, Maria de Alvear, Alvin Curran, Michael Pisaro, Walter Marchetti, Christian Marclay, Francisco López and many others. He is a member of David Tibet’s outsider collective Current 93 where he worked with Nick Cave, Anohni, John Zorn, Jack Barnett, Ossian Brown. He is also one of the prime movers of experimental music outfit MAZE.

He was awarded at Ars Electronica Linz with Francisco López and won the Prix Europe for a radio play with Berlin performance collective And company&Co.


Bart Maris (BE) – trumpet

Bart Maris is a Belgian trumpet player. He has performed in a very large number of bands, either as a group member or a guest musician on records or in concert. He was one of the original members of Fukkeduk with Niek Roseeuw, Kristof Roseeuw, Tom Dewulf, Jan Kuijken, Rik Verstrepen, Frank Gijsels, and also the Gerard Van Dongen Kwintet with Joe Williamson, Tom Wouters, Henk Bakker. He was in KAMIKAZE, with Tom Wouters, Filip Wauters, Kristof Roseeuw, also in X-Legged Sally with Peter Vermeersch, Pierre Vervloesem, Danny Van Hoeck, Pol Belgrado and Jean-luc Plouvier and later Peter Van Den Berghe. Maris joined Think of One, with Roel Poriau, Erik Morel, Tobe Wouters, Thomas Desmedt, David Bové and the Flat Earth Society (band). He also plays in the Brussels mestizo band Jaune Toujours, with his brother Piet Maris, Electric Barbarian, Synaesthetic Trip by Edward Perraud, with Benoit Delbecq (piano), and Arnault Cuisinier (bass), or in duo with Edward Perraud, Victor Toth Tercett with Matyas Szandai (bass), Robert Ikiz (drums), 1000 from Jan Klare (alto sax/ flute/clarinets) (munster-Germany) and Wilbert de Joode (bass) (Netherlands), Michael Vatcher (drums) (USA).



Sunday SoloS Series is a platform that focuses on free improvised and contemporary music, promoting innovative and creative ideas. The program will be bringing together artists from the international experimental and avant-garde community and will happen once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, at Attent project space (Projectruimte Attent – Stichting Otje).

Each event will debut two solo sets, within the field of improvised and modern contemporary music. New, inventive, and creative performances will be the primary focus of this concert series.

 Gonçalo Almeida