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Never Ever Ever – Clemens Zebulon

Never Ever Ever – Clemens Zebulon

This song is a gift (and a promise) to my beautiful wife and kids.
I’m very blessed and happy to be able to make a living playing bass in all kinds of bands, groups and even orchestra’s, but lately the urge to sing just came over me.
When I was a kid, I used to sing in the band of my older brothers, but around the time of my voice break, I stopped and focused on the double bass mainly. I’ve always composed music, but when I became a father I started writing songs and yes…singing them to.
Because this whole thing feels very personal and otherworldly (and I don’t want to confuse people) I use my first two names “Clemens Zebulon” for this part of my musical life.

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“Never Ever Ever” by Clemens Zebulon
Composition, vocals, instruments and production by Clemens Zebulon © 2020
Recorded in “Het Muziekhuisje” February 2020